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Lawn Maintenance & Aeration Services

Lawn aeration is the process of mechanically removing soil plugs and small portions of thatch from the lawn. Lawn aeration relieves soil compaction and improves the ability of roots to grow deeper into the soil and expand. The mechanical removal of soil plugs is generally recognized as the best way to improve air and gas exchange, along with water and fertilizer intake. Call now and receive a free analysis of your property.

Lawn Fertilization

Our lawn fertilization goes above and beyond that of many of our competitors to give you the most beautiful property at the most reasonable price. We start by making sure your lawn gets the proper blends of nutrients it needs during your very first application to begin correcting any problems or deficiencies.

tree and shrub

Protect Your Trees & Shrubs

Our landscape tree and shrub maintenance program provides the tools that are needed for the health of your vegetation. During each season, our experienced, licensed technicians monitor and treat insect and disease activity on all plants covered by our maintenance program. We also provide precisely formulated fertilization for improved plant growth, bloom potential and general vigor.

"I called, I spoke with a Lawn Care Expert, and he matched me with a Lawn Aeration Company in my area, that was right in my budget"
Alene Elvine
“We had some issues with our lawn continually dying. A Lawn care expert came by, and aerated and fertilized, after a few weeks I could already tell the difference, my lawn started turning green and beautiful. Thanks so much"
Jonas Gerber

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